I tried to revive him

I learned that I can’t draw him anymore.

((WAIT A MINUTE!!!! D8 YOU ARE ZHAO-MUN!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU!!!!! *TACKLES AFTER YOU* And don’t worry. .u. I shall forever love your Evil Guan Suo. *cuddles him.*))


LET ME LOVE YOU BACK~ Aaaww, good to hear~ ;DD

Hey everyone. Yes, still alive. Kind of. 
I’m here to tell some… bad news, kind of.secondtimeendingmysentencewithkindof

I’m sincerely sorry about answering questions EXTREMELY slowly. I have seen them, I know they’re there. The problem is that I lack the motivation to answer them. I did really not want to end up there at all. But with me starting at university, plus something else I’ll come to soon, there has just been no motivation to sit down, and draw our evil lord. Plus games. Yes, blame the games. I guess it’s because my interest for evil Guan Suo is kind of gone as well. we just have to wait for DW8:Empires, which will be out in half a year in Japan

I won’t close this blog AT ALL, it might just take a GOOD while for me to answer questions. like never*murdered*, but I will get there. 
The point with this blog was at first just to try it out, I never expected to get as much response back as I got. When I started to get response about how these silly answers cheered some of you up, I started to want to do that instead: Try to cheer up people! I want people to laugh! Smile! Be happy! Even if I’m not that myself! That’s why I don’t want to just throw it all away, because that would be stupid on my part. 

So, the answers might be… very late, but they will arrive! 
And if you want to see me ‘every day’, you can either visit my main blog
or, you can take a look at my RP blog, aka Sima Zhao!
That’s right. Evil Guan Suo has become lazy butt Sima Zhao. Didn’t see that one coming

Keep being awesome you wonderful people. Think positive. Hate this lazy artist who draws men without shirt instead of an evil overlord in an alternative universe. Also sorry about this long post.

'Time is racing towards us Till the Huns arrive Heed my every order And you might survive You’re unsuited for the rage of war So pack up, go home, you’re through How could I make a man out of you?’ Guan yu [ sinigng i'll make a man out of you from mulan ]

"Dad stop it, I ain’t the girl in this family!"

Mmm-My evil counter part? *Eyes widen* ((Hi))

"Why hello there, me. It’s a pleasure to meet you… "

I'm going to punch your face!

I baked you a pie!